Come and work with data folk in Cardiff.

ODI-Cardiff is working to strengthen the data ecosystem across Wales. One thing we’ve heard from loads of people is that they’d like to meet other data folk in real life. But we’re all busy people who have to earn money and there’s a limit to how many meetups you can go to in any given week.


So here’s the plan…


We’ll all get together once a month. And do real work.


Thanks to our lovely friends at IndyCube we have access to co-working space in Cardiff (right by the station).


For free!


So on 26 September you can just turn up with a laptop (or some paper and pens, we won’t judge) and do some work. And lots of other people will do the same thing. And we will all be people who work with and are interested in data.


This isn’t networking, this is casual co-working. No-one will hand round business cards or give us their 60 seconds pitch. You don’t need to take time out of your work. You simply come and work with us for a day.


The wifi is rock-solid, the chairs and desks are comfortable, the coffee is surprisingly good. You might even strike up a conversation over coffee. Maybe this will be the start of a collaboration that will change the world. Maybe someone will show you how to make Tableau that thing you did once by accident but never managed to repeat. Maybe you could just benefit from some different scenery than your normal office for a day.


You don’t have to work with (or even care about) open data. Any sort of data is fine. You could be a developer, a designer, a data-scientist or an enthusiastic policy wonk. You might work for yourself or the government, or the man, it matters not to us. As long as you love data.


So that’s the pitch:

  • It’s casual

  • It’s work

  • It’s for people who love data


If this sounds like you then come along to the Jelly* on 26 September 2017  (we also plan ODI-Cardiff Jelly events on 24 October.


Assuming it goes well we’d like to do the same thing in North, (and hopefully) West Wales. Our good friends at IndyCube are onboard for that too.


Thanks IndyCube.


*Yes this sort of casual coworking has a name. It’s a strange name but it’s undeniably its name.


You don’t need to book but it will help us know who is coming and we might remember to remind you too.

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