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A Map of part of South Wales
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We are celebrating here at ODI-Cardiff.

We’ve received a grant from the Welsh Government as part of Cymraeg 2050. The grant will mean we can set up a Welsh language tile server of OpenStreetMap and support communities to improve the data about Wales in the service.

OpenStreetMap is best described as Wikipedia for Maps. It’s a global mapping database that anyone can edit. The core database contains lots of information that isn’t always displayed on maps: because maps are developed for particular audiences or interests. (Like cyclists, or people who speak German )

Volunteers from across Wales and beyond have already added the Welsh names for many places into OpenStreetMap but these don’t normally appear on maps. So the first thing we are going to do is create a Welsh language map based on the hard work of these volunteers.

We’re also going to work with official sources of Welsh names for places and things to make sure that this information, where it can be, is added to OpenStreetMap.

And then we’ll be encouraging people across Wales and across the world to improve the mapping information, and the use of the Welsh language in OpenStreetMap.

We hope that this project will deliver:

  • a high quality, detailed, Welsh language map for Wales
  • an enthusiasm across Welsh communities to contribute to OpenStreetMap and see their hard work reflected back in the Welsh map
  • more organisations and groups in Wales using OpenStreetMap to deliver mapping services through the medium of Welsh

We hope to involve as many people as possible in this project. If you’d like to find out more and be kept up to date: join the ODI-Cardiff mailing list, follow us on Twitter, or send an email to the lead for this project:

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  1. Congratulations on receiving a grant to do this!

    We’ve listed various existing “Map Internationalisation” efforts on the OpenStreetMap wiki. A relatively recent addition by OpenMapTiles folks shows a Welsh language map here for example: I rather like that, but it’s only a demo, and so deploying your own version of that (plus experimenting with self-generating and self-hosting the vector tiles) might be a good project.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve also seen some existing tools to help people add names and help see where name translations are missing, although I can’t seem to find them now, so this is an area which could do with some more coordination. There’s also various ideas around the “WikiData” project which creates a linkage to name translations somehow.

    Coordination and collaboration with the existing OpenStreetMap community is important. You’ll get lots of help if you ask for it, but maybe also lots of complaints if data is added badly! There’s also a fledgling organisation OSMUK, which is setting up as a “local chapter” of OpenStreetMap for the UK. They are also looking to create and host a custom map (I think following UK road atlas colour schemes)

    1. Thanks Harry

      We really do want to collaborate with the OSM community and we are very conscious that there are many people who have been working hard in the community on these issues for a long time. We hope that people will be enthused by the fact that we have a bit of resource to put into mapping in this part of the world and we hope that people will want to work with us (and tell us not to do stupid things…)

      We did touch base with some people on the OSMUK board before we put in the application and, personally, I hope that we will be able to work very closely with them on the UK mapping project.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. Hi Harry, good to hear from you and I’ve recently addressed this query to David Wyn:

    “What might be the cost, please, of creating an OSM Welsh language layer showing the location of all event venues across Wales, using temporal data feeds to show what’s on where at any given time?”

    EOIs have been submitted to potential funding partners to relaunch a bilingual edition of the This Week/ Wythnos Yma newspaper online, majoring on local festivals, events and entertainment in Wales.

    Please get back to me if you’re interested in becoming involved.

    Kind regards, Terry

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