How to #mapioCymru ! This is how to begin:

  1. Go to
  2. Register a user name by using your email, facebook or Google account etc.
  3. Start using under your username & start mapping!

Adding a Welsh language name

Let’s say that you’d like to add the Welsh language version of a street name, e.g. Heol Y Prior in ‘Caerfyrddin’ [Carmarthen!].

    • Click the ‘Search’ button in your OpenStreetMap window, and type in the place name in English. 
    • Then, click on the appropriate name on the list that will appear on the left-hand side of the screen (making sure that you click on the right kind of place; for instance ‘Residential Road’ in this example as it could be a street, town, area, etc).  The item you’ve selected will appear in red, with all the information relating to it listed on the left, as is shown here:At the moment, this feature has no Welsh language name, so let’s go ahead and add it to the map!
    • Click on the triangle next to the Edit button at the top of the page and select ‘Edit with iD (in-browser editor)’
    • The map will appear as follows, with the feature that you’re editing flashing red:

    • On the left-hand side of the screen, under ‘Name’, you’ll be able to see a small cross [or add sign symbol]  ‘+’:
    • When you click on the cross, additional dialogues will open.
    • Start typing ‘Cymraeg’ [Welsh] in the first box, and then select ‘Cymraeg’ from the list that appears in blue.
    • In the second box, write the correct Welsh language place name for the feature you’re editing.

  • After making your edit, remember to press the ‘Save’ button at the top of the page.
  • The website will ask for a ‘Changeset Comment’ where you should explain any changes you’ve made.  This allows other users to see why you’ve made the change, so that they can verify it’s been done correctly.
  • You can also add ‘Sources’.
  • Press ‘Upload’ …!6.: Congratulations, you’ve contributed to our map!  The new Welsh name will appear on once the new data set has been updated overnight (and we will do our little happy dance!)  
  • Please share your contribution to on via its social media function for facebook, twitter & Google+ , not forgetting our hashtag #mapioCymru !
  • Many thanks for helping our #MapioCymru #Cymraeg2050 project,  sponsored by the Welsh Government.

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  1. Dwi wedi cael trafferth – a methu’n llwyr â gwneud newidiadau i’r lleoliad cyntaf anelais ato. Gan wirio fy nhybiaeth (ar sail gwybodaeth bersonol) gydag ‘enwau lleoedd’ Prifysgol Bangor – lle mae llawer iawn o enwau Cymraeg safonol eisoes ar gael – cefais gadarnhad mai ‘Bargod’ ac ‘Aberbargod’ nid Bargoed ac Aberbargoed (fel sydd ar yw’r fersiynau cywir. Dwi wedi postio nodyn ar ond nid, dwi’n ofni yn ôl y dull a nodwyd gennych. Dwi’n poeni felly na chaiff fy nghywiriadau eu hystyried ac nad oes syniad gennyf o hyd sut i gyfrannu i’r prosiect! Gyda llaw, dwi’n defnyddio iPhone SE7 iOS 11.02

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