The #mapioCymru ‘Mapping for Wales’ project has been invited to talk about


at an innovation event this Thursday 26th April from 3pm at the Tramshed, Cardff.¬† This is an end-of-project event organised by our sponsors at the Welsh Government so we’re looking forward to seeing what the other invitees have been up to, too.

It would also seem to be a great excuse to show off our map, again:

[ which now displays events on a slippymap ! ]

[iframe src=”https://openstreetmap.cymru/mewnosod?h=51.47508840832986&ll=-3.1851339340209965&ch=14&p=1&t=Cymru%20Arloesol%20Technoleg%20Cymraeg%202050″ width=”600″ height=”450″ frameborder=”0″ style=”border:0″></iframe]

Tickets for Cymru Arloesol: Technoleg Cymraeg 2050 / Pioneering Wales: #Cymraeg2050 Technology Cardiff can be ordered here .

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