Extra openstreetmap.cymru features

We’ve added a couple of features (well it was Carl really). You can link to a particular place in Wales. Here’s Aberystwyth. And you can embed the map in another web page. AND you can put a pin on the map that you embedded on another webpage. Here’s a map that shows you where our […]

A map of Wales (mostly) in Welsh

So we’ve delivered task one of the Mapio Cymru project. If you go to openstreetmap.cymru you’ll see a map of Wales. The places on there are (mostly) in Welsh. This map pulls data from the global OpenStreetMap database and then it looks for things (roads, villages, buildings etc) that have an explicitly Welsh name in […]

How easy is it for voters in Wales to find out where to vote?

Where do I vote? A small social enterprise called Democracy Club develops tools to make it easier for UK citizens to exercise their vote effectively. One of these tools is “Where do I vote?” Give it your postcode and it tells you which polling station you should go to. Where do I vote? is apparently one of […]

The people of Wales should be able to benefit from open data in Welsh procurement

Wales has a National Procurement Service (NPS) which is there “to enable the Welsh public sector to collaborate more closely in procuring goods and services”. The NPS is in the midst of supplier engagement on a new framework to cover digital services. Given the existing UK frameworks for digital services this may or may not be […]

Our response to the consultation on the design of rail services for Wales and the borders

Transport for Wales consulted people on the design of rail services for Wales and the borders. ODI-Cardiff responded to that consultation. This is a copy of our consultation response. We work with and support the network of people working with open data across Wales. This consultation response was put together with the assistance of many people […]