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  1. On behalf of the NPS, thank you for your blog post and your contribution to the potential NPS Digital Framework(s).

    NPS are currently looking at ways that we can better serve the digital buying needs of the Welsh Public Sector.

    If NPS is to put in place arrangements then they need to be unique to Wales and benefit Welsh Citizens by supporting the Programme for Government aim – Taking Wales Forward. A potential way that we can do this is by integrating the policies and principals of the Programme for Government, into framework(s) designed specifically for Wales.

    NPS are currently investigating what these Frameworks might look like. We have been engaging with both suppliers and Welsh public sector stakeholders. This engagement is aimed at gathering views so that we can design framework(s) that truly meet the needs of our stakeholders as well as reflecting both current and future market trends. We welcome the interest that has been generated and the valuable ideas that this has led to.

    In particular, we recognise that Open Data will be integral to the success of the framework(s). With this in mind we would be very happy to meet and discuss your ideas further. Once again I would like to thank you for your input.

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