Our core team

ODI-Cardiff is managed by a small core team.

Angharad Owen

Angharad’s focus is

  • GIS & spatial data – helping data tell stories, with maps
  • Open data & open source software
  • Sustainable development & smarter public services, through better use of data
  • Data, privacy & human rights

Mark Braggins

Mark’s focus is

  • Stories where open data has made a real difference to people’s lives
  • Understanding different perspectives of open data
  • Building sustainable open data communities

Ben Proctor

Ben’s focus is

  • Data maturity and sophistication
  • Sustainable development and humanitarian uses of open data
  • Conservation, agriculture and environmental data
  • Crowd-sourcing and collaborative data processing

Esko Reinikainen

Esko’s focus is

  • Innovation using data
  • The relationship between culture and open data
  • Building and supporting networks of data publishers and consumers